Kontakt us in good time if you have interest in bying a pup from us. We would like to have a chanse to meet our speculators so that we can put our pups in the right home and form a good relationship with our byers.
We would like to see our puppies go to active homes, competition and show is not a must but a big plus.
we would like to se the dog shown at least one time, hip and eye examed and some form of mental evaluation for our and the breed evaluation.
But in the end the most importent for us is that you can provide a safe and loving home.
We will always be there for you and your dog, feel free to contact us. If you have to replace your dog we will try to help you find the right home.

/ Kennel Yrkraft´s

At delivery
  • Registrerade i skk/
  • veterinärbesiktade. intyg ej äldre än 7 dagar
  • Id märkta
  • Vaccinated
  • Avmaskade 3 ggr
  • dolda fel försäkrade 3år (Folksam)
Följer med valpen
  • Hundens bok fylld med stamtavla, besiktnings och vaccinations ityg, häfte "välkommen valp"
  • Skk köpekontrakt
  • Raskompendiun
  • Häfte med matlista, råd och tips
  • Koppel och halsband
  • Foder