SE UCH Yrkraft´s Ambra

reg: SE32430/2014
född/birth: 2014-04-17
höjd/height: 43 cm
vikt/weight: 12 kg
e: lp1 lp2 Such Rivendells Alpha
u: C.I.B NORD uch Elenya`s among the stars of sienna
hd: A free
ed: 0 free
Öga: ua 2015-08-07
Vwd: fri från föräldrar
Bett: korrekt (one p2 removed, broken trauma)
mentality: bph
utställning/show: SE UCH
träning/ training: lydnad, spår nosework mm/ obediance,track

Ambra is a small bitch who has been lokated with breeding rights and returned to us because of new conditions in the family. she is a very fast and fun girl with a twinkle in her eye. Quick in her reactions incredibly easy to learn, love to train, excellent play-object interest and nose and with that follows quite a bit of hunting instinct.
May be a bit wary of some new people coming to visit at the beginning but will quickly get over it. Likes too cuddle under a blanket inside.
Ambra wants to come to a new home that can offer the stability and stimulation she needs.
// Ambra is very dear to me but might be for sale/boarder to the right home. Not for breeding.